Le Sigh…

both of my adult children are home.  I spent a good deal of time being angry about it, but I’m over it.  I thought I’d share with you my rant about being a SAHM from the past and my new rant in my current situation…  And stick around for my turn-around close at the end of the post.  I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m ungrateful.

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My rant from the past:

Desperate Housewives, housewives of Orange County, housewives of L.A, Runway moms…None of these am I…but desperate, yes. Desperate to know how best to take care of my children, desperate to know what I’m “supposed” to be doing with my life. Desperate to know how to escape the social sabotage of other women. Desperate to know why being involved with PTA needs to be akin to creating new civilized communities. Desperate to know how to be an intelligent person without having a successful career. Desperate to know how to be a sex-driven maniac when my husband wants me to be. Desperate to know how to best entertain a dozen teenage boys in a safe, non-toxic environment. Desperate to know how best to raise a younger budding teenager and to shield him from the dozen teenage boys. Desperate to know how best to raise a young girl in the midst of all the teenage depravity surrounding her.

New Rant:

What the fuck am I doing with my life?!    I’m so mad all of time?!  What’s next for me?  I thought I was done with laundry for a family of 5, meals for a family 5…but alas, I have a few more years of close-focus mothering to do. I’m done volunteering.  Straight out done!  No, I don’t want to get a part-time job that pays 3% of what my husband earns in a year.  Yes, I want to go to school but I don’t want to pay for it.  I have no idea what MY future look likes!  I’m an hormonal basket case, peri-menopausal way before my time.  My friends are grandmas, I could be a grandma!  I am having a real hard time finding the joy in life…where’s the joy?!  Why am I getting so FAT?!  Why would I want to interact with other people when I can be home and safe, protected from criticism.


And there you have it, my rant…but I’m over it, I’m moving on, I am shifting to gratitude.  My life is good as you can see on twitter at #perksofbeingacorporatewife.  My house is a disaster, my dogs stink, I’m a blessed mess of crazy goddess energy, but the cupboards are full the bank account in the black, the family is healthy, my kids all GET to pursue higher education.  What more could a girl really want, the rest is superfluous.


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