This week I had the honor of hosting a dinner for my husband’s group of sales guys and specialists. Their office overlooks Elliot Bay; Todd shipyards, the great wheel and the islands all just a glance away over the rooftop deck rail. The weather was spectacular. A light breeze, a bright cloud cover and mid 80’s tempature until dark. The sun shone through a layer of smokey haze from wildfires lending their pollution to the north causing the orb to glow a deep red

Shaded by umbrellas and cooled by a little fan I prepped for the evening. The menu was carefully chosen by my husband and I. We went back and forth literally arguing about what to serve, a little stress ensued until our growing flame of irritation with one another subsided as we got the news that yet another one of our acquaintances was dealing with a late stage cancer. The ridiculousness of our spat in the grand scheme of things became clear.

My husband is known to be somewhat of a redneck in his sphere.  A comment was made by one of his team that he would probably serve Bologna if he was in charge.  My husband adores this perception, but we were hell bent on showing a different side …

Our menu:

Tomato Basil Bruschetta

Crab and Langoustine Cocktails

Lamb Lollipops

Cedar Planked Salmon

Spinach Raspberry Salad

Greek Salad

Watermelon and Pineapple

Lemon Bars, Raspberry Chocolate Bars, Magic Bars

Wine, Beer, music, corn hole and a little business completed the evening.  It was a great night with great people, my bucket is full!


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