Nettle Spearmint Sun Tea


Nettle Spearmint Sun Tea saved me today!

Flushing my organs and re-energizing my soul.

Cleansing my blood and re-connecting me to flow!

(my poem for the day…)

I had a hell of a headache this morning.  Too much wine, too much sun, too much bread and cheese and chips and not enough water and protein.

To power thru the heat of the day and two writing projects due for school I needed help. This is one of my favorite re-mineralizing, re-hydrating, drink all day concoctions. So in my cute little jar I threw a handful of dried Nettle and a handful of dried Spearmint and filled the thing nearly full of water.  I let this steep in the sun all morning and by lunch it was ready to consume.

I get my herbs here:

or here:

Go forth and make ye some, you won’t regret it!


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